Design Strategy examines the context, position, and touchpoints of an organization.  

Design Strategy is the bridge between the needs of an organization, and the needs of the people it serves. verynice collaborates with clients to produce authentic solutions that are shaped by the essence of an organization’s value as it relates to the lives and interests of their intended audience. The following is a breakdown of the kinds of services that fall in each phase of building a design strategy.



Design isn’t just about pretty pictures. Every successful project starts with a deep level of self-awareness. What is the past legacy, present forces, and future vision that affect and influence your organization? By better understanding the context an organization is living within, we are able to help our clients refine their mission, create a shared vision for the future, and better understand the needs of their key stakeholders.


Areas of expertise include:

Strategic Foresight

Organization Design

Mission/Vision Statements

Design Research


Areas of expertise include:

Mindset and Personas

Competitive Analysis

Trends Scanning

Value Proposition Design

Strategic Planning


For years, design was a practice built upon gaining a deep knowledge of a singular industry’s trends in order to carve out a niche, or intentionally go with the grain. The truth is, while the competitive landscape for businesses has changed dramatically since the dawn of branding in the 1800s, the methodologies we use to position ourselves haven’t really changed. By taking the time to understand the consumer mindset as well as the direct and peripheral competition at-hand, we help our clients build their brand equity.



Every time someone interacts with your organization, you are sending a message. By creating touchpoints with intention and careful consideration, you can make sure that message is consistent, and aligned with the context and position you are working within. From key words and taglines to journey maps and brand strategies, touchpoints are crafted with both internal and external audiences in mind.


Areas of expertise include:

Brand Strategy

Messaging & Storytelling

Service Design

Curriculum Design


"verynice are much more than a design agency – they have been critical collaborators in our communications strategy for two years now. We’ve partnered with them on such a wide range of projects and their work is consistently of the highest quality and always pushes forward our brand and mission."

Ann Sophie Morisette
Downtown Women's Center

Our team was incredibly impressed with the way that verynice guided us through the creative process and helped us discover and create a campaign that everyone is excited to have been a part of. The scale of the project was made possible by their non-profit friendly business model, but it’s truly the people and the process where verynice shines.

Troy Covello
AIDS/Lifecycle Marketing Manager

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