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verynice is a global design-strategy consultancy that ignites movements, builds brands, and changes perspectives. Our work has been seen by millions of people across the globe, and our unique “give-half” model has inspired thousands of practitioners to engage in pro-bono work.



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  • Don’t be shy, say hello! info@verynice.co

  • Are you a startup, mom-and-pop shop, or Fortune 500 company? Get in touch! info@verynice.co

  • Are you a social enterprise or non-profit organization? Get in touch! info@verynice.co

  • We are always looking to meet new freelancers and volunteers. Get in touch! info@verynice.co



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  • Upcoming 2015 Events
    9/20: USC Design Fiction Panel
    10/6: Models of Impact @ General Assembly
    10/23: Core77 Design Conference
    11/21: Design Strategy Bootcamp @ General Assembly
    12/3: Dinner with a Designer @ USC


  • Our award-winning work has reached millions of people, and we have built over 500 brands in every sector and industry across the globe.

  • Our diverse service offerings challenge the standard definition of “design”, and span three core focus areas: visual communication, digital product design, design strategy, and strategic foresight.

  • Through our unique business model, verynice has also been able to donate the equivalent of $3.75MM+ in pro-bono design and consulting services to hundreds of non-profit organizations



  • Our newest product, Reginald, is now live! Reginald is an impact measurement tool for pro-bono practitioners. Try it out for free today: goreginald.co