verynice strives to be known as the most
generous design firm in the world. Through
a range of programs and initiatives, we
continue to push ourselves in order to find
new ways to help as many people as possible.

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Five thousand

Total access to services and resources provided

Fourteen hundred

Total projects and initiatives so far

Ten million

Total dollar equivalent of resources donated

Fifty two
thousand hours

Total hours dedicated

Our Model

Every year, non-profit organizations are spending close to 8 billion dollars on fees billed by service-providers. At any given moment, verynice is balancing an equal number of pro-bono and paid projects. This is made possible by verynice’s pioneering “give-half” model which calls for our studio to take on a high volume of projects in order to generate the revenue necessary for us to be able to afford to simultaneously engage in pro-bono and discounted work for non-profit organizations. To accomplish this, we work with an extensive distributed team of over 600 volunteers in order to maximize our bandwidth while keeping costs low. In addition to our traditional services, we publish a series of open-source design methodologies, and make them available on a “pay what you want” basis in order to increase access.





The MovementGraphic_TheBook

In 2012, verynice decided that the only way we could achieve our mission of alleviating non-profit expenses would be to inspire a new movement in pro-bono. To accomplish this, we completely open-sourced our business model and proprietary methodologies. As a result, we have inspired thousands of practitioners to engage in pro-bono work, and there are now dozens of “give-half” businesses in operation around the world.


Receiving Pro-Bono Support

verynice carefully reviews all pro-bono candidates and selects the beneficiaries of its Give-Half program on a rolling basis, based on availability. All pro-bono beneficiaries are required to have an official 501(c)3 status, or the international equivalent. To fill out an application for your non-profit, please visit the Get Started page. Due to the volume of requests we receive, we can not respond to every inquiry. Good luck!


10 Years Of Impact Report: 2008-2018

In conjunction with our 10 year anniversary, this Impact Report chronicles the results of our unique social enterprise model, and various initiatives from 2008-2018.


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