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verynice is most well known for its radical 50% pro-bono business model, and is considered a global leader in the re-invention of small business philanthropy.


Every year, in the United States alone, non-profit organizations will allocate close to 8 billion dollars toward marketing and design expenditures. It is at the core of our mission at verynice to allow organizations to re-invest those resources back into their cause in order to allow them to generate more impact.

Can you imagine what could be done with a spare 8 billion dollars, per year? The possibilities are endless. verynice’s solution to this pressing issue in the social sector is something we refer to as the “double half” methodology (though it is most commonly referred to simply as “the verynice model”), a business model that calls for a dedication of over 50% of the studio’s work away for free. Logistically, this model is made possible through our ability to maintain a high capacity for work while simultaneously keeping expenses low.

For more on the specifics of our model’s inner workings, please check out our founder’s latest book: “How to Give Over Half of Your Work Away for Free.”

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Over the past 7 years, we have been able to show significant growth, and have been able to save non-profits incredibly valuable resources. The following is a glimpse into what that impact looks like.

“Verynice’s dedication to pro-bono is unparalleled in the business community.” – Jennifer Kang, Taproot Foundation


In order to keep our capacity high, while still maintaining a high standard of quality, our model leverages volunteerism as one of the key components to meet our 50% pro-bono commitment. Therefore, mobilizing volunteers plays a robust role in the scaling of our impact while still maintaining a profitable business. Unlike other intermediary placement agencies that provide one-to-one volunteer resources, verynice operates uniquely as an independent design studio by systematizing our global network of volunteers and contractors as our own team, creating a holistic environment that is comprised of both skilled and amateur professionals.

“At verynice, pro-bono work isn’t something that employees do off the clock, with or without incentives.” – Ryan Scott, Forbes Magazine

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As the success of our business model has gathered more and more public attention, we have found that a movement is starting to brew. Over the past few years, thousands of other entrepreneurs have written to us in order to express their admiration of the model. In order to be proactive in our goal to alleviate non-profit expenses, we decided to take it upon ourselves to play an active role in replicating our pro-bono business model by launching a new platform to help build this movement: givehalf.co. As a result, there are now businesses across the globe that are giving over half of their work away for free, and many are in the process of launching. Be sure to visit frequently for more updates!